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Why LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK is quite a widely used term in the modern eye treatment ecosystem. The work LASIK stands for “Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis,” and it is used for several correcting refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, besides offering several attractive benefits to those looking to improve their eyesight. This blog comprehensively answers a very commonly … Read more

Improve Eye Health with These 10 Easy Tips by an Expert Eye Doctor

Improve Eye Health with These 10 easy tips by an Expert Eye Doctor Want to make your eyesight better? The best eye doctor in Jalandhar, Dr. Sanjeev Duggal, shares easy & straightforward modifications in your lifestyle & routine habits that can help protect your eyes and keep them healthy. Long exposure of eyes to ultraviolet … Read more

Before and After Lasik Eye Surgery – Know everything about the LASIK

before and after lasik eye surgery

As a revolutionary leap in vision correction procedures, LASIK eye surgery stands out the most. LASIK has global acceptance as the most popular refractive surgery for getting rid of spectacles or contact lenses. In a world where technology continually pushes boundaries, the latest generation of LASIK is assisted with all Laser procedures. If you are … Read more

Cataract surgery in Jalandhar: How to search for the best?

Cataract surgery in Jalandhar

Cataract or Motiyabind surgery is a widely common and effective brief procedure aimed at restoring the vision impaired by clouding the eye’s natural lens. The cataract-induced cloudy lens is substituted with an artificial IOL intraocular lens during cataract surgery, restoring a patient’s clarity and sharpness of vision. Cataract surgery has become a routine outpatient operation … Read more

Get the best Lasik Surgery in Jalandhar

Get the Best Lasik Surgery in Jalandhar Previous Next FREE LASIK Consultation Please feel free to contact our Best LASIK Doctors in Shimla Best LASIK Surgery In Jalandhar You could be the right candidate for LASIK eye surgery, One if your age is 18 years & above till 40. Second, You should have stable Vision … Read more

Best LASIK surgery in Punjab | World-Class LASIK Technology

Best LASIK surgery in Punjab

A guide for you on how Punjab is becoming the LASIK capital of India. A healthy, clear, and burden-free vision is what most adults look for in a modern-day world. In a fast-paced life, clear vision is not just a luxury but rather a necessity. Spectacle-removing procedures, popularly referred to as LASIK eye surgery, remain … Read more

Best Eye Care for International Patients and NRIs in Jalandhar, Punjab

Best Eye Care for International Patients

India is a global capital for medical tourism for two main reasons. One is the quality of eye care, as eye treatment in India, like other healthcare, is arguably among the best choices in the world. The second leading cause for India’s popularity as a global healthcare destination is cost affordability. India provides perhaps the … Read more

Which is the better choice between Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses?

Over recent years, the choices of better, clearer, and more convenient eyewear have evolved rapidly, giving people a wide range of options to improve their eyesight. Eyeglasses and contacts are two widely common choices that stand out. Each has pros and cons, so which one you choose depends on your personal preference, way of life, … Read more

How to improve eyesight Naturally?

improve eyesight Naturally

Maintaining healthy eyesight has become more complex than ever in our modern, screen-dominated lives. Long periods spent in front of digital gadgets, environmental stressors, and lifestyle choices can all contribute to vision deterioration. However, the good news is that there are several natural and efficient methods for improving and maintaining your vision. In this tutorial, … Read more

Why and How our Vision Changes in the age of 40s and 50s

Vision Changes

As we age, our bodies go through a series of changes, and our eyes are no exception. Vision changes are a common occurrence in our 40s and 50s, often leading to conditions like presbyopia, age-related macular degeneration, and cataracts. This blog post explains the reasons for these changes and gives you helpful advice on how … Read more