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duggal eye hospital
duggal eye hospital
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Advanced Eye Treatments

for all Eye diseases Under one Roof

Our best Eye doctors & Surgeons are out to give you a perfect Eye treatment Experience!

30 years of experience

Our Lead Eye Surgeon, Dr Sanjeev Duggal has been treating Eye patients from across Punjab and North India for close to 30 years now.

360° Eye Specialist in Jalandhar

We cover all eye diseases and eye surgeries with the services of best eye specialist in Jalandhar. We have earned the public tag of most trusted eye hospital in Jalandhar.

Certified eye Doctors

Only Qualified, Certified and skilled eye doctors will treat your eye patient. Our lead eye Surgeon is trained in world’s best eye hospital.

Are you looking for the best eye Hospital in Jalandhar, Punjab?

With the Latest eye care technology, including Artificial intelligence ( AI) aided Diagnostics, Therapeutics and safe surgical Lasers, we rank among the top hospitals of Jalandhar & Punjab.

We have been consistently approved by the NABH – The leading health care regulatory body of the country, for several years for our best & unmatched patient care services.  

Best eye hospital in Jalandhar
Super Specialty Eye Hospital

Our Services

We are a NABH accredited super speciality Eye hospital with services of best eye doctors and surgeons equipped with the latest eye technologies to give you a best available eye treatment. We treat all eye diseases as a tertiary care eye hospital ranging from common eye diseases like dry eye /Eye allergies to advanced eye surgeries like corneal transplants & Robotic cataract removals. We specialize in Refractive errors with whole range of LASIK technologies.

All LASIK technologies from Standard LASIK to LASER LASIK are available at the best prices. We Provide customized LASIK ,FEMTO, SMILE & all LASIK alternatives


We are ranked as the best cataract surgery hospital in Jalandhar, Punjab. We treat all types of cataracts (motiabind) & conduct operations at affordable cost in India.


Glaucoma or kalamotia can cause irreversible vision loss or blindness. We have the best glaucoma specialist for a timely diagnosis & treatment of glaucoma.

Our Oculoplastic clinic covers surgical and non-surgical treatment affecting eyelids, eyelashes,  orbits (eye sockets), Eye tears, eye plastic Surgeries, eye injections like Botox, Fillers  & Eye cancers.

We have all treatments available for retinal diseases, including injections & Laser surgery. Best treatment for you will depend on the specific Retinal disorders a patient has, its severity & causes. 

After making a correct diagnosis of your corneal disease, all options are available to treat all corneal disorders. The treatment ranges from simple medication to corneal surgeries & Corneal  Transplants  

Your Beautiful natural Eyes deserve personalized care

Eyes are certainly nature’s valuable gift to humans. As a super specialty eye care facility in Jalandhar, Our eye doctors & Support staff will give you the best eye treatment experience.

Our Specialization

We Pioneer in Latest eye care technologies

Duggal Eye hospital Jalandhar has the most advanced Ophthalmic equipment and Surgical Technologies required for modern refractive vision corrections, including AI-driven SMILE, FEMTO, blade-free LASIK, ICL, Trans epithelial PRK, RLE besides Robotic Laser Cataract removals. Moreover, our eye surgeons are exclusively trained for these procedures at the world’s best Eye Centre – Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC).

 The American FDA approves our LASIK & Cataract suites for their highest safety and precision.

Best eye hospital in Jalandhar
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About us: Best Eye Hospital in JALANDHAR

Duggal Eye Hospital & Lasik Laser Centre

This is not a mere or hollow claim but a documented reality! We rank among the best super specialty Eye hospitals in Punjab. We have earned this reputation after decades of consistent hi- quality eye care service. We handle eye patients of Jalandhar, Punjab, and northern Indian states, besides a sizeable chunk of Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s) living in foreign countries.

At Duggal eye hospital & Lasik Laser Centre Jalandhar, We have set up best-in-class infrastructure, Medical equipment, Surgical gear, and modular operations theatres fitted with Medical grade HEPA filters.

Years of Experience
Clinic Established
Cases Completed
Happy Clients
Years of Experience
Modern OT's with HEPA Filters
Cases Completed
Happy Patient

What our Eye patients have to say!

Patient satisfaction drives our motivation. Once patients are treated at our NABH-approved super specialty eye hospital, their feedback matters most to our team.
Here is what they say!

I am from Phagwara city & I went for LASIK before my scheduled marriage. I wanted my eyeglasses removed as it was compromising my looks. I Met Dr Duggal after reading positive feedback about the Duggal Lasik laser centre in Jalandhar. Dr Sanjeev Duggal and his team explained the procedures required for my eyes as I had less corneal thickness. I was advised ICL instead of LASIK, and I did that. Glad to be writing here about my experience. It was simply superb, and my vision is now perfect without my spectacles

Amandeep Kaur Refractive patient

My father was lately experiencing a cloudy and foggy vision. He was found to have cataracts. Upon examination, its nucleus was found to be very hard. So we were very tentative about whether to go for cataract surgery or not. Finally, upon our neighbour's advice, who had recently had almost similar problems, we chose Dr Sanjeec Duggal at Duggal eye hospital. He did the surgery, and it was 100% successful. Thanks to him and his team.

Ramesh Kumar cataract patient

My name is Sikha, I came to Dr Sanjeev Duggal last month for my mother's cataract problem. I was confused which Lance I had to use, then Dr Sanjeev Duggal Help me with it he give me all pros and cons of Lance. Their staff and Doc Dugal treat verry nicely to my mother. Duggal eye hospital is one of the most reliable hospital in Ludhiana I can recommend every to visit Dugal eye hospital.

Sikha cataract

My name is Lovedeep, and I am an NRI living in Montreal, Canada. I am into modelling, but my spectacles created problems in my career opportunities. I was looking for a LASIK surgery in India as it is too costly here in Canada. I searched the web and found this eye surgeon, dr Duggal. I spoke to them, and they offered me the best package in Femto LASIK. I flew to Jalandhar and did my Lasik last week. My experience with this hospital was quite pleasant

Lovedeep LASIK LASER patient
Best eye hospital in Jalandhar

Why most patients trust us for affordable
best Eye treatments?

Ranked among the top eye hospitals in Punjab, Duggal Eye hospital Jalandhar is a NABH-approved Super Specialty Eye hospital with a team of skilled eye doctors & Surgeons having profound knowledge & skill to provide eye patients with a safe and successful eye treatment experience at affordable costs 

Eye Surgeon

Meet Our Team

Our Eye Super specialists are qualified, skilled, and experienced to treat all eye diseases with best-in-class facilities & Medical equipment.