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Can I Claim Laser Eye Surgery on My Private Health Insurance?

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In our times, advanced Eye treatment & Eye surgeries are often quite expensive. However, Private health insurance allows individuals to access a wide range of care services and treatments beyond what public health schemes cover. One common question that arises is whether laser eye surgery can be claimed on private health insurance. In this blog … Read more

Know everything about Cataract or Motiabind surgery

A cataract clouds the human eye’s natural lens, gradually making seeing difficult. Cataracts are a common eye problem, especially in older people, and can cause blurred vision, glare, and trouble seeing at night. Cataracts can be fixed by a minor surgical procedure, removing the cloudy lens and putting in an artificial one. A cataract is … Read more

What is Cataract Symptoms and causes

What is Cataract

Cataracts, or Motiabind, as known commonly, are a widely prevalent eye problem that typically affects older people. With age, cataracts develop when the eye’s lens gets cloudy, making it hard to see. Causes of Cataract or Motiabind Several factors could lead to developing cataracts, including age, family history, or certain contributing medical conditions. As we … Read more

Meet Dr Nirbhay Dogra

Dr. Nirbhay Dogra Phaco, Lasik and Retina Surgeon MBBS, DOMS PMC Registration number: (34643 Read Our Lasik Blog Meet Our Phaco Doctor Dr Nirbhay Dogra is a bright ophthalmologist interested in Phaco, LASIK and Retina. As an eye clinician, he specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of several medical conditions related to the eye. … Read more

Meet Dr. Sahil Jain

Dr Sahil Jain RETINA SPECIALIST MBBS, MS Ophthalmology, FRCS Ophthalmology (Glasgow), and FICO member. Clinical Experience: 11+ years Read Our Retina Blog Meet Our Retina Doctor Dr. Sahil is a Gen-next Vitreo-Retina surgeon and alumnus of PGIMER, Chandigarh, where he earned his MS in ophthalmology. Dr. Sahil is a Visiting Retina Consultant at Jalandhar’s Duggal Eye … Read more


dr mohit globle eye hospital

Dr. Mohit Ghai MBBS, MS (Eye) Consultant – General Ophthalmology Experience: 8 years Meet Our Cornea Doctor A bright and young ophthalmologist DR Mohit Guy is an alumnus of Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana He is well-versed in diagnosing and treating eye diseases and disorders. They are experts in the anatomy, physiology, and conditions … Read more

Meet Dr. Sanjeev Duggal

Read Our CATARACT & REFRACTIVE Blog Dr. Sanjeev Duggal MS ( EYE) Specialization: CATARACT & REFRACTIVE Work Experience: 28 Years Current profile: Chief Eye Surgeon & Medical Director Number of Surgeries: 2.5 Lac Advanced Surgical Laser Specialization: Singapore National Eye Centre Singapore Meet Our Doctor Dr. Sanjeev Duggal Is A Renowned Ophthalmologist And The Founder … Read more