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Causes Glaucoma its diagnosed, prevention, and treatment

causes Glaucoma

Glaucoma is more commonly called Kalamotia in India and the Asian subcontinent. Glauaocma can have severe implications on one’s vision and potentially cause significant damage to eyesight that is often irreversible. Glaoama or Kalamotia affects millions of people Globally. How Glaucoma damages vision? Glaoama or Kalamotia happens when the pressure inside the eye goes up. … Read more

Glaucoma: Symptoms, Tests, Treatment & Management Tips

Glaucoma, or Kalamotia as it is commonly called in India, is a severe eye disease that, if not treated, can cause vision loss or total blindness. If you have eye or vision problems, consult an eye specialist or ophthalmologist as the first priority. Early detection of Glaucoma or Kalamotia is crucial and can help keep … Read more